A GraphQL API for Any Data Source in Minutes

For your Jamstack, React and JavaScript websites

An overview of StepZen, showing several backends translated into GraphQL, and then being consumed by a web app.

Easily Connect Any Data Source

Connect any REST or database backend with easy-to-use GraphQL directives. For popular data sources like FedEx, UPS, Airtable, Mailchimp, Shopify, grab a GraphQL schema with a pre-configured connector - your API is running in minutes.

Build & Manage Zero Infrastructure

StepZen runs your GraphQL API - you can iterate and test locally with continuous deployment. At runtime, your keys are managed for you and you have no servers to maintain or manage. We carry the pagers so that you don’t have to.

Connect any API to Your Jamstack Site

Easily and securely call all the APIs you need for your static assets or dynamic experiences from your favorite frontend technology. No code to write to parallelize execution, store keys safely, handle caching, and more.

Build a GraphQL API in 3 Easy Steps

A simple and fast way to build a GraphQL API that gets data from popular APIs and databases, including Airtable, Cloudinary, Mailchimp, WordPress, FedEx, UPS . . .

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