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  location(ip: "") {
    weather {

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Personalize your website by getting the location and weather of the visitor from IP-API and OpenWeatherMap, all in one query


Linked types in GraphQL schemas let you fetch data from multiple backends in a single query

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Build a GraphQL API in 3 Easy Steps

Save weeks of development time - import and combine templates in a single GraphQL schema. Deploy your API right away so that you work with a live endpoint as you extend and customize.

Easily Integrate APIs for Dynamic & Static Jamstack Sites

Jamstack developers build sites and apps that center on static assets and enable both static and dynamic interaction through APIs. This A in Jamstack is increasingly best served by GraphQL for frontend and backend developers alike.

StepZen makes it easy to combine data from any backend data source in a single GraphQL API. You don’t need to learn how to build a GraphQL server, understand resolvers, or the details of GraphQL stitching to deliver modern Jamstack sites and apps.

Easily Integrate APIs for Dynamic & Static Jamstack Sites

Tame the Chaos of Backend Data Sources

No two backends are alike. Whether you're building sites and apps on Jamstack or other technology, most experiences you craft mean connecting multiple backends - with various interfaces, languages, protocols, authentications. StepZen handles the complexity for you, enabling you to build a GraphQL API that unifies any backend data source (REST, GraphQL, SOAP, databases, and more) in a single graph.

Tame the Chaos of Backend Data Sources

Your GraphQL API is Always On

A built-in mock data system means that you can deploy and run your API as soon as you start building it, ensuring you always have a live endpoint to iterate and test against.

You don't have to build or manage a GraphQL server, or worry if backends are down or responses change. We handle storing keys, logs, and deployment assets and make decisions about caching, or connection pooling for database requests, so that you can focus on building experiences. Building and running your API on StepZen is free for developers!

Your GraphQL API is Always On

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